Monday, March 21, 2016

Like it says over to the right, this is the official production blog for the original graphic novel, THE SWITCH. It's a little naked right now but Tom and I will be dressing it up as we go, adding all kinds of stuff. 

To start things out, below is page one of the script to give everyone a glimpse of what we're up to. Because I'm lettering this project as well as writing it, I have the freedom to change a lot of the dialogue as I go. I'm not used to having this kind of continuous editing, normally I need to lock this stuff down and send it on to be lettered but I'm finding it especially helpful here in the beginning ten pages, while I'm still figuring out the individual characters voices.  

Let's see...if you've been paying attention to the social media posts leading up and into the Kickstarter for this project, you've seen character sketches of The Moss, Lover Boy, and Electricia already. Interstellar is a new one. He's a 12-year old kid possessed by the cosmic consciousness of an ancient space god. As per the reward pledge, the part of Interstellar will be played by young Zachary True. 

Tom and I will also be posting reward commissions, head sketches and production art along the way. Expect news updates, character bios, interview links...I might even post some baby pictures of Tom in the bathtub. There's no holds barred, anything can happen here!

We've got a ridiculous amount of work (and fun) on our plates but will be updating at least once a week, more if possible, as well as answering any questions or comments anyone may have. 

Welcome to the world of The Switch. Thanks for joining us on this ride!



THE MURDERER'S ROW, our group of villains, are semi-circled around the crumpled body of THE SWITCH.

We're in a Manhattan-type environment. Lots of rubble, smoke and destruction all around. Maybe even some cold, hard cash blowing in the breeze.

So...Murderer's Row. All in all, there's probably about a hundred villains around the world affiliated with our gang of evil miscreants. Right now, we've just got LOVER BOY, ELECTRICIA, THE MOSS, and INTERSTELLAR present and accounted for. They're in gloating mode, looking down at their fallen foe.

Wait. You may ask yourself, “self, how can Electricia and The Switch be in the same place at the same time?” Valid question, chum.

You see, THIS Switch isn't the one we're going to come to know and love. This is the ORIGINAL Switch, male, similar costume. He's been beaten halfway to hell and back by the Murderer's Row.

1- LOVER BOY: Whattaya say, fellas?
2- LOVER BOY: We got THE SWITCH all KINDS of beaten down. Who's up for a good ol' UNMASKING?
3- ELECTRICIA: What a stupid waste of time, LOVER BOY.

4- ELECTRICIA: There's BILLIONS of people walking around. You're not gonna recognize him anyway.