Friday, June 16, 2017

What else? More sneaky art! (Tom)

Hello! I just got back from a wonderful time in Springdale, Arkansas for Art Pop Comic Expo.  The cool thing about that show is that they used our Electricia art for the VIP/guest passes....we can always use the free promotion!  One other note:  I did a one hour panel at the show on Drawing Comics, and have even recorded it for my YouTube channel.  Check it out here in shiny 4k!

Other than traveling like crazy (as Keith mentioned last blog), I just started doing some work for Big Brother Season 19 that will premiere this upcoming week!  And next week I will be traveling again--back to Knoxville, TN for Fanboy Expo to do the usual thing with signing/sketching/photo ops.  Already I have an Electricia sketch on pre-order!

And without further adieu, here are your art sneak peeks from The Switch for this week, including another appearance by possibly my favorite bad guy to draw (other than Electricia herself)....Vladimir Putin!

What could Putin be thinking here?

Electricia doing what she does best 

Dr. Hate up to no good!

Loverboy up to even worse!

Electricia and Omerta having a friendly chat?
Keith will be back next week while to do my thing in Knoxville....!  Thanks again for looking!

Friday, June 9, 2017

More sneak peeks

Hey guys, welcome back to another Friday installment of The Switch production blog!

As I write this, I believe Tom is in Arkansas for another convention appearance this week. Our beloved Tommy keeps a pretty busy travel schedule during convention season (which used to run through the summer but now seems to go pretty much year round), seems like he's on the move almost every weekend in one state or another. He's a stylish jetsetter, I tell you!

I don't appear at anywhere near as many shows as Tom does because a) I'm not as cool and b) I'm not as cool but I'll be loitering this weekend at a convention at Foxwoods Resort and Casino so if you're in the tri-state area and have nothing to do Saturday and Sunday, feel free to stop by my table. I only charge $10 per hug at shows, quite a bargain, especially because I'm told I always smell like a million bucks.

Before Tom jetted off to Arkansas, he finished a few new pages this week so let me give you some sneak peeks right quick. Let's see what we got...

                                                    (does Electricia bleed Electricity?)

                                               (Look at that cute Dr. Hate. He's so precious!)

                                                          (Tough day to be that old lady!)

All right, my friends. That's it for this week. Everyone be safe out there and we'll see you here again next Friday! Thanks as always for your support.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Pics from The Switch Midwest Bonanza

Can you tell it was a long drive to Iowa?

As Keith hinted in last week's post, there was a Switch creative team "tour" in the midwest (Keith flew into our turf; "our" meaning myself, colorist Robb Miller, and even Doug Mahnke who did the variant cover).  We first did a signing at the awesome Limited Edition Comics & Collectibles in Cedar Falls, Iowa on Friday, and then we did the annual MSP Comic Con at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.  Talk about a little tour!  It was also the debut of of the Doug Mahnke variant print which was a big hit.  Interestingly, we met a good chunk of our Kickstarter backers during this weekend (it probably has to do with me living around here or something during our campaign).

Without further adieu, here are some photos from our weekend excursion (most of these are actually stills pulled from video that will appear in the 1-hour Switch behind-the-scenes movie):

Robb getting into the festive mood while Keith fights sleep (and eventually lost as you saw in the previous photo)
Ah, the debut of the Doug Mahnke variant....

Keith actually brain farted and started signing with the letter "J"...great save, Keith!

The original itself....!

Backer supreme Eric, who not only got the original variant cover reward, but earned himself a minor cameo role in the story!  Thanks for your support, Eric!

Post convention dinner at a so-so Korean joint. From L to R:
Clint Hilinski, Angel Medina, Doug Mahnke, me, Keith Champagne, and Gordon Purcell

Oh, ok, here's another sneak preview art on the page I'm currently working on ;P
Until next week!  :D

Friday, May 26, 2017

Return Of The Switch blog

Hey everyone, welcome back to another thrilling, chilling installment of the Switch production blog. Sorry there was no update last week; I just saw a half written draft that Tom saved off here on the blog dashboard but we were so busy on our whirlwind tour that he just didn't have time to finish it.

For those following along at home, Tom picked me up at the airport in Minnesota last Thursday and we immediately headed off to a romantic menage-a-dinner with our color artist, Robb Miller, at some Mexican place in the Mall Of America. A lovely time, and some guacamole, was had by all.

Friday morning started with a slight hiccup. We needed to be in Cedar Falls, Iowa by 11:00 to sign at Limited Edition Comics , meaning we'd have to leave by 6:00 AM to get there in time. Tom and Robb had a slight miscommunication as to which one of them was picking me up at my hotel. So they were equally surprised when they met up and neither one was accompanied by my smiling face. Those crazy kids. Anyway, all got worked out and we ended up getting to LE Comics by noon and signed and sketched all day, then hit the road by 8:00 to get back to my hotel a little past midnight. It was a long day but well worth the trip. Limited Edition is one of the nicest shops with some of the best people around as customers.

The main event began on Saturday when Springcon kicked into high gear, doors opening promptly at 10:00. I can't say enough good things about the all-volunteer staff that puts Springcon on every year. Just great people who take very good care of their guests. Tom, Robb and I had exclusive prints of the Doug Mahnke alternate cover available at the show and we went through pretty much all of them over the course of the two days. I jumped on a plane right after the show (setting off every airport security alarm with my fancy metallic leg implants for both flights) and got home around 1:30 AM.

It was an exhausting weekend full of nice comic book readers, good industry friends, and a lot of enthusiasm about The Switch. It makes me even more anxious to have the book finished and off to the printers.

Speaking of the Switch, I thought I'd share another full page of art with you this week. We haven't shown off much of Robb Miller's color work yet so let's give him a moment in the sun. Here comes page 21, for your viewing pleasure...

Tom should be back behind the keyboard next week and I'll see you all back in Minnesota for the weekend of Sept 16th for the Comicard show. Thanks for reading, and for your support.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Final Doug Mahnke alternate cover revealed!

Happy Friday, everyone. Welcome back to another thrilling installment of America's favorite production blog for America's favorite in-progress graphic novel, The Switch!

At this time next week (barring any plane crashes. I hate to fly since I had kids), Tom and I, along with the mighty Robb Miller, will all be signing together at Limited Edition Comics in Iowa. Rob, the owner of LE, always treats us like we're far more important than we are and makes a great day out of these joint appearances. His customer base is also great, they make these signings feel more like an all-day get together with friends than official business.  I'm going to see if we can update the blog from Limited Edition next week, maybe some kind of video update. I'm sure Tom will be shooting some footage for the behind-the-scenes "Making Of The Switch" documentary so maybe we can kill two birds.

If you live in the area, stop by. I mean you, Moose Baumann.

So this week, I thought I'd show off the finished colors to Doug Mahnke's alternate cover for The Switch. Tom has ordered a print of this cover that we're going to give away at SpringCon in Minnesota next weekend. Any readers that are there will have a rare chance to get it signed by all four members of  Team Switch (did Tom mention this last week?). Anyway, the people at Springcon are awesome. They sent me a care package full of candy this week, along with a check for some traveling cash for my trip out there. First class treatment all the way and I'm very grateful to be treated so well. Just don't tell Mike and Mike that I'm actually like fifth class talent, not first.

So without further ado, here's Doug's cover. Eric Marshall, I'll be bringing the original with me next week as part of your backer reward. Make sure you get Doug to sign it!

Thanks for reading, guys. See you all next week!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Heavy Promo Month for The Switch

Hello from the Minneapolis airport.  While I wait for my flight back to Knoxville, I thought this would be a great time to give you guys a blog update :)

This month will be great for The Switch in that as we're down to the last stretch, Keith, Robb, and I will be particularly aggressive to help promote the book via appearances.  Unfortunately the book won't be out in time--that would be ideal of course.  But there will be other opportunities for that in the next year I'm sure.

Starting tomorrow at noon, I will be at The Golden Age, 1942 in Maryville, TN for Free Comic Book Day.  Then next week I will be in Sioux City, South Dakota for SiouxperCon.  Then during the 3rd weekend of this month, Keith, Robb, and I will be at Limited Edition Comics in Cedar Falls, Iowa (May 19th) , and the MN State Fairgrounds for MSP ComicCon on May 20-21 (all in one weekend!).  We'll have an exclusive Switch print for that weekend that we (and Doug Mahnke) can all sign!  Finally, I have just confirmed an appearance in awesome San Antonio for Alamo City Comic Con for the last weekend of this month!  I'll be at the Heroes and Fantasies comic retailer store booth there as their guest.  So please stop by to any of these appearances while you can and say hi, support The Switch, and get your special print ;)

I must board my flight now; maybe I'll attempt to draw more Switch on my Surface Pro 2 while flying.  For now, here are the usual art sneak peeks....

Friday, April 28, 2017

very little about The Switch

Hey Everybody, how goes this week?

First off, I was asked by some friends to spread the word of a project they currently have running on Kickstarter. I'm going to do this in an official kickstarter update too but wanted to give you, our faithful few million blog readers, the heads up first.

Bart Sears is a legendary comic artist renowned for the dynamism and powerful anatomy of his figure work. A while back, he used to write and draw a monthly feature that would give drawing lessons to readers. So now, all those columns are being collected with new material, insights, and lessons for all of us to learn from. I'm a backer and if you're interested in becoming one too, please click on the link below. They've got five days left in their campaign.

Brutes and Babes

Thanks to the networking efforts of a couple of super-friends, I started on a major new writing assignment for DC Comics this week. I'll be working with another member of our Switch team so wanted to share the good (albeit vague) news with you guys first. I'll be very excited to let everyone know more about it when I can. Or ask me about it next month on the 19th at Limited Edition Comics in Iowa or over the weekend of the 20-21st at the Minnesota fairgrounds. Tom, Robb, and I will be assembled at both locations with a new Switch print for readers. You'll even get a chance to get Doug to sign it in Minnesota.

As for The Switch itself, closer and closer every week. I haven't communicated much with Tom over the last couple of weeks but I know he's killing himself every day. I got some pages from him to ink yesterday so I'll be jumping on that to speed the process along. Here's this week's sneak peek at some of what I received:

That's all for now, amigos. Catch up to you soon and thanks as always for your backing and support.