Friday, July 28, 2017

SDCC Came and Went...

Hey guys--
It's true!  I did stop by San Diego Comic Con as some of you may have seen in some of my social media posts.  But I really never advertised being there.  Why?  Because A) this year I didn't officially have a table, so there was really nothing to pimp, and B) My brief time in California was actually very limited as this trip was mostly (other) business and work. And by "work," I meant drawing last pages of The Switch (as some of you had noticed on my vlog series).  More on that in a bit....  but essentially I wasn't able to attend the show more than a 2 hours per day (and missing Friday altogether).  I just browsed/took video clips, quickly said hello to some people that I could even see, and retreated back to the hotel.  So my apologies to the many people who wanted to get together; this year it was impossible to say hi, much less spend time with everyone I wanted to see.

Special thanks to artist pal Henry Liao for his hospitality during my stay....we may be starting up a creative studio in the near future, so keep an eye out for that.  Here is some work I did in my brief time in Cali:

Jennifer as the Switch...

A rare closer look at Walking Fred

Lover Boy is a sloppy eater?

I have no idea what's going on here...

Who's this in a bikini?? 

Friday, July 14, 2017

Moving Along

Hi everyone! It's me, Robb, the colorist on The Switch. I was asked to do this week's blog post to let you guys know where things are at!

I have been busy with my own freelance work but drop it in a heartbeat when Tom sends me a page or two to color. I am excited when I see new pages in my inbox and know that we are making progress and the final product will be amazing! I have read the full script and feel honored to be a part of such a great book! The art and the story are going to be well worth the wait! 

What I have loved about doing the colors on The Switch is that it has forced me to up my game! 
Tom's art clearly defines the mood and flow of the story and I hope that the colors I paint in accentuate the moments that are lighthearted and the more dramatic scenes and the energy in the action sequences.

Check out some glimpses of a few panels I've colored...

(Why so serious, Loverboy?)

I am looking forward to touring with Tom and Keith when the book is finished! I hope we are able to make it out to as many conventions as possible and thank the supporters in person!

Well, I gotta go! I have another page in my inbox! 

Friday, July 7, 2017

A visit with The Transient

Hey everybody, welcome back to another thrilling, chilling installment of the Switch production blog. I was wrapped up with a horrible deadline for Marvel last time it was my turn to update and didn't manage my time correctly, sorry I dropped the ball. I'll try not to let it happen again.

Things have been pretty smooth behind the scenes of The Switch the last couple of weeks. Tom seems to be done with his mad burst of travel/convention activity and settled back into the groove and Robb is doing a great job coloring the stuff as it comes in. So, you know, knock on wood it's all smooth sailing until the end of this mofo. I don't really know how much Tom has left to draw; he works on large batches of pages simultaneously because of creative ADD then narrows down and finishes them one at a time. So I just enjoy the stuff when it comes across my desk.

This week, in Switch related news, I had lunch with backer supreme Matt DeAngelis. Matt picked up one of the character rewards so you'll soon come to know him better as The Transient. I know him as my childhood best friend before we ended up going to different high schools. Lunch was the first time we've seen each other in about 32 years and it was really enjoyable to catch up and get a bead on who we grew up to be. Matt's a helluva runner and I was a pretty solidly mediocre runner before I broke my leg last summer so in an alternate reality where I'm injury free, we probably would have grinded out some miles before lunch. There's no better friends than old friends, they're the ones who most understand where we come from and I'm glad to pick up and resume that friendship all these years later.

It was also fun to give Matt his art reward in person, he had picked up a Green Lantern Corp splash page from an issue I wrote. Keep it safe, pal! And if any other Switch backers want to grab lunch with me, just drop a line while you're in CT.

Anyway, enough rambling. Here's a couple of sneak peeks of Tom and Robb's work. I might try to get Robb to jump in and do a blog update for next week so keep your fingers crossed. Maybe we'll all get a fresh perspective here for once.

Never has being beat to hell looked so gratifying!

Some of Robb's beautiful color work!

See everyone next week! Thanks as always for your support!