Friday, October 28, 2016

Oh Just More Sneak Art

This will be a quick update since I'm getting ready to head over to Fanboy Expo for this weekend in Knoxville, TN (hope to see some of you there!!!!).  In the meantime, Keith handed in the flats to the exclusive Comic Card print from last week's post update.  So I'll be wrapping up the color rendering by Monday so that we'll have our shipment in time to pass out to all who see us next week at the show. ;)  For now, here is some art!
The extent of my layouts before I go in and tighten...

Do you recognize these two? ;)

sexy boob shot


So next week Keith will be in town, and hopefully we'll have some cool pictures while he's here for Comic Card show as well as the finished color print!

Friday, October 21, 2016

MEOW! Switch versus Nasty Cat...but for a good cause

In last week's thrilling update, Tom mentioned that we were going to be producing an exclusive Switch poster for a convention we're appearing at in Minnesota in a couple of weeks. So, yeah...we did. Here's Tom's pencils for the piece:
 Tom and I are working hard to produce the graphic novel so when something extra like a convention poster comes along, it's hard to create enough time to crank out the extra piece of artwork. Being the incredibly brilliant fellows we are, we killed two birds with one stone here and will also be using this page of art as a story page in the book itself. On this page, Electricia (on an early adventure in The Switch identity) has a painful encounter with her fellow villain/friend Nasty Cat. Can you say awkward? I wish I could show you what happens next, I hope you'll enjoy the rest of the sequence.

Anyway, here below is the finished artwork, my inks over Tom's pencils. Tom hasn't even seen this yet, by the way so SURPRISE, TOMMY!

I stuck pretty close to Tom's art on this. Really, the only subtle change is in trying to add a bit more irregularity to the brick wall patterns on the left and right. He drew the page digitally and laid the brick pattern down with a white-on-black perspective grid and then added the vertical white contour lines to create the brick pattern. I just tried to make it a little more organic and less precise. 

I still need to go in with some white ink and play around with both Switch and Nasty Cat's hair as well as add a little texture to the brick walls. And then we'll color it up and BOOM! That'll be all she wrote.

The original artwork for this page/poster will be auctioned off for a charity benefit at the Comiccard show we're appearing. If you live in Minnesota, I expect you to buy it for a good cause! You can hit their website ( for details, I'm sure. 

Thanks for reading, everyone! Tune in next week as our adventure continues!


Friday, October 14, 2016

More character art! Plus Lover Boy Changes Clothes again

So this past week I've been having a lot of fun drawing some Switch pages...a lot of characters (many introduced the past couple updates) with a lot of crazy interaction.  We have another character peek to introduce, so here's this week's batch of art clues:
Lover Boy looking sketchy/creepy as always.  His ever-changing wardrobe is now a too-tight Under-Armour-type shirt.
And yet a new character, this one easily the most handsome of our universe so far
A better look at Snow, introduced last week.

Our girl Electricia is not too pleased in this shot
This weekend Keith and I will be working on the exclusive art print for our upcoming appearance in Bloomington, MN for Comic Card on Saturday, November 5th.  Attendees will get the print signed!
Till next week...

Friday, October 7, 2016

Meet The Gang!

I thought this week, I'd take you through to meet a handful of the other members of Murderer's Row, Electricia's cohorts in crime and villainy.

If memory serves, I believe last week Tom showed off Putin, Omerta, and Komodo so this week, let's meet some more of the gang!

First up is Nagenghast. She's the ghost of a German espionage agent that was killed in the 80's. She's named (with slightly modified spelling) after my childhood friend Liz Nagengast, whom you can see hawking Spanx on QVC quite often. IF you remember, the Ghost Of Ronald Reagan is a member of the team of heroes in this graphic novel so that gives him two natural enemies on Murderer's Row. Nagenghast and Putin.

Next up, we've got Walking Fred. He's the zombie crime boss of the criminal underworld and a snappy dresser to boot. He's also telepathic and speaks only in thought balloons. 

And the dapper Asian gentleman below is our good friend Snow. He's a bit like Marvel's Sandman except instead of being able to turn his body into sand, Snow is able to transform into pure cocaine. As he tells Electricia at one point, he's worth millions on the black market. 

Snow's goons are called Snow Angels, by the way.

And meet Tom's design for Nasty Cat. If you remember from a bunch of blog posts ago, my character design for this one was a human body with the head of a cat grafted onto her neck. Tom decided to take her into more of a Catwoman direction which was a nice surprise. It's always cool to see how he interprets my ideas his own way.

And finally this week, we have Crom The Barbarian God. He's either the evil God Of Barbarians or a beefy, insane gym rat who played too much Dungeons and Dragons when he was younger and now believes he's the evil God Of Barbarians. Either way, Crom spouts off one of my favorite lines of dialogue in the book when he advises another character, "All women are born to vex. The electric bitch is no different."

I asked Tom if I could ink the spread on which all these new characters appear for the first time so I promise I'll try not to ruin it.

Hope you guys enjoyed meeting these new members. A lot of them sound a little absurd but I swear, it all works in the context of the book. 

Catch everyone next week! Thanks for reading, as always and by all means, share this blog with your friends. We've got a loyal readership but we can always shoot for the moon.