Sunday, August 20, 2017

sunday update!

Hey everybody, welcome to a special Sunday edition of The Switch production blog! Of course, it's only a special Sunday edition because I screwed the pooch on Friday and didn't get this update posted until now. But hey, I'll try to redeem myself here.

This past week was a big one for me as my first issue of Superman (drawn by Switch alternate cover artist/Pencil God Doug Mahnke) arrived in stores last Wednesday. Superman is my all-time favorite 'corporate' character so it's been a genuine thrill to get to write him. The second part of the story ships in about 10 days and then the regular writers, our good pals Pete and Pat, will be back, and then I'll have another two-part story running before too long. Lots of fun for me!

But you didn't come here to read about Superman. You came for The Switch so here's what's going on. We dodged a real bullet with Tom's Surface Pro 2 debacle. Thankfully, he managed to find his computer because I'm really not sure how we'd have recovered from the loss of all those files. I get the chills just thinking about it.

Things are pretty intense here behind-the-scenes as we're closer than ever to finishing the art. Tom is working as hard as he can to get the book done, Rob is coloring up a storm and I'm jumping in right now to ink some pages to help drag us to the finish line a little faster. It's stressful but I've been stressed about this project since it started so I guess I'm used to it by now. Fingers are crossed that over the next update or two, you'll get a message letting you know we're done and the book is off to the printers.

Anyway, here's some sneak peeks...

Why is Switch murdering The Truth?!

Spoiler Alert: The Truth seems pretty dead on the floor behind Switch. 

The Moss has a funny way of saying he loves you.

What? The Jorge Jimenez variant cover to the next issue of Superman? How'd that get in here?

Thanks for reading, everyone, and for your support.
See you in five short days!

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