Friday, May 5, 2017

Heavy Promo Month for The Switch

Hello from the Minneapolis airport.  While I wait for my flight back to Knoxville, I thought this would be a great time to give you guys a blog update :)

This month will be great for The Switch in that as we're down to the last stretch, Keith, Robb, and I will be particularly aggressive to help promote the book via appearances.  Unfortunately the book won't be out in time--that would be ideal of course.  But there will be other opportunities for that in the next year I'm sure.

Starting tomorrow at noon, I will be at The Golden Age, 1942 in Maryville, TN for Free Comic Book Day.  Then next week I will be in Sioux City, South Dakota for SiouxperCon.  Then during the 3rd weekend of this month, Keith, Robb, and I will be at Limited Edition Comics in Cedar Falls, Iowa (May 19th) , and the MN State Fairgrounds for MSP ComicCon on May 20-21 (all in one weekend!).  We'll have an exclusive Switch print for that weekend that we (and Doug Mahnke) can all sign!  Finally, I have just confirmed an appearance in awesome San Antonio for Alamo City Comic Con for the last weekend of this month!  I'll be at the Heroes and Fantasies comic retailer store booth there as their guest.  So please stop by to any of these appearances while you can and say hi, support The Switch, and get your special print ;)

I must board my flight now; maybe I'll attempt to draw more Switch on my Surface Pro 2 while flying.  For now, here are the usual art sneak peeks....

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