Friday, April 28, 2017

very little about The Switch

Hey Everybody, how goes this week?

First off, I was asked by some friends to spread the word of a project they currently have running on Kickstarter. I'm going to do this in an official kickstarter update too but wanted to give you, our faithful few million blog readers, the heads up first.

Bart Sears is a legendary comic artist renowned for the dynamism and powerful anatomy of his figure work. A while back, he used to write and draw a monthly feature that would give drawing lessons to readers. So now, all those columns are being collected with new material, insights, and lessons for all of us to learn from. I'm a backer and if you're interested in becoming one too, please click on the link below. They've got five days left in their campaign.

Brutes and Babes

Thanks to the networking efforts of a couple of super-friends, I started on a major new writing assignment for DC Comics this week. I'll be working with another member of our Switch team so wanted to share the good (albeit vague) news with you guys first. I'll be very excited to let everyone know more about it when I can. Or ask me about it next month on the 19th at Limited Edition Comics in Iowa or over the weekend of the 20-21st at the Minnesota fairgrounds. Tom, Robb, and I will be assembled at both locations with a new Switch print for readers. You'll even get a chance to get Doug to sign it in Minnesota.

As for The Switch itself, closer and closer every week. I haven't communicated much with Tom over the last couple of weeks but I know he's killing himself every day. I got some pages from him to ink yesterday so I'll be jumping on that to speed the process along. Here's this week's sneak peek at some of what I received:

That's all for now, amigos. Catch up to you soon and thanks as always for your backing and support.


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