Friday, September 1, 2017

Angry backers and the evolution of Lover Boy

Hey everybody, it's Switch production blog time again! It's still Friday so I think that means we're back on schedule with the blog. I've got some ground to cover with this update so let's not waste any time.

First and most importantly, I got this message from Switch backer Kevin Smith the other day. I replied on the Kickstarter site but since all those messages and replies are public, I wanted to address it again here. Kevin says...

"It's been almost a year and a half since this was funded...while I am aware of the blog updates...I did not fund blog updates. When are we gonna actually see the physical items we funded?? This is becoming ridiculous."

Kevin makes a good point. You guys didn't fund blog updates and the production of this book has taken much longer than we'd hoped. For the most part, everyone has been very supportive and understanding but I certainly get that it's frustrating. It's frustrating for us too. That's why we try to update the blog every week, to stay transparent and keep everyone appraised of our progress. There have been delays we couldn't anticipate: Tom hurt his neck early on. I broke my leg and was immobilized for a period of time. Other work took priority because the bills don't ever stop. None of these are meant to be excuses, we're the ones who are late. But it hasn't been from a lack of effort. So thank you all sincerely for hanging in there with us. We anticipate turning the fully designed graphic novel in to Dynamite on 9/15, who will then send it to China to be printed. There's a window of a couple of months for the books to be shipped back here and during that period of time, that's when we plan on producing all the sketches and physical rewards you pledged for. And hopefully, everyone gets their books around Xmas time or shortly after the new year. And as we've done all along, we'll keep you in the loop every step of the way.

Speaking of Dynamite, we've started working this week with their marketing department to figure out how best to get the book out there. They have their own methods of marketing and we're also hoping to go outside the box a bit and develop some new strategies to extend the advertising reach even further. The problem is, we're idiots so if anyone has any ideas, please let us steal them and pretend we thought of it on our own!

I was looking through files on our dropbox yesterday and it hit me how much the physical look of Lover Boy has evolved from page one throughout. It's very subtle, I wonder if Tom has even noticed how he's pulled the character in a subtle but much more loathsome direction over the course of the story, See if you can see what I mean...

To my eye, Lover Boy has gone from being pudgy to being downright corpulent and disgusting as the book has progressed. Strangely, it mimics his character arc. So either Tom's subconscious is working over time or our little buddy is a genius! You can choose on that one.

Anyway, I've rambled on long enough this week. Thanks as always for joining us. Your support means the world.


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