Saturday, September 30, 2017

Reward art, sneak peeks and something new!

Hey everybody, how's it going out there in blog land? Sorry to be a day late and a dollar short. Tom and I had a miscommunication about what art to post this week. I was waiting for him to send me some stuff without realizing that some stuff he had already sent me was what he had intended for use. Unfortunately, I'm pretty dumb and that sometimes gets in the way of my life.

So let's see...what's going on with The Switch this week? As seems to be the running theme, we're inching ever closer to wrapping this thing up and sending it to the printers. We've brought on a production artist (and Switch backer) Bill Tortolini to help get the lettering in order and build out the book design according to Dynamite's specs. The production side of the comic booking process is this sort of weird, simple-yet-complicated language that kind of mystifies me. It's all tiffs and dpi and jpegs and cmyk and templates and Illustrator and Indesign and blah blah blah. None of it is very hard to learn (if I could just get someone to explain it all to me) but we're so late in the game on this project that it would be a disaster to do it all wrong and then have to go back and redo it properly. So the prudent option was enlisting Bill, a very experienced letterer and designer, to come in and make sure everything is correct the first time around. So thanks for stepping in, Bill. You're greatly appreciated.

So here's some art this week. First up are the pencils for an entire page of art from the graphic novel. This art features backer Jodi Levy, who picked up one of the "appear in the comic" rewards and will now be known as The Switch's best friend from high school. Take a bow, Jodi, you're a star!

Next up, a little sneak of a panel from the last third of the book. Could this be The Switch preparing to run the hundred yard dash? I doubt it but if I told you what's really going on, I'd have to kill you!

And below, a quiet moment between Interstellar, Electricia, and Lover Boy. I secretly think that Lover Boy is Tom's favorite character to draw ( with Moss and Dr. Hate in 2nd and 3rd), it's been interesting to see his physical look slightly evolve over the course of production.

And finally, I thought I'd show a sneak peek of a project that Andy Smith and I are going to run on Kickstarter once The Switch officially goes to press. We've been slowly plugging away on this one in whatever free time would allow, getting it ready to launch. The book is called Barbaric and trust me when I tell you it's unlike any barbarian story you've ever seen before. If Conan and Preacher had a baby, it would read a lot like this book.

Colors are by award winning legend Moose Baumann, making his return to comics with us after taking a hiatus from this bullshit industry for a few years. We've VERY lucky to have Moose, as you can see from his work below. 

That's all for today. Thanks again for all your support and PATIENCE. I'm very hopeful of sending out a massive 20 page preview of The Switch this coming week. Fingers crossed all the moving pieces come together in time.


  1. Hey guys I know production on the book is still going I was wondering when I can expect my backer award which is a one character 11 by 17 pencil and ink done by Tom

    1. Hey Robert, hit me up at so I can get that on my schedule asap...thanks! ;)