Saturday, September 23, 2017

Keith Comes to MN Part Deux

Tom here writing from London, Ontario (I'm here for Forest City Comicon, so sorry for the 1-day late post).  Last week was a fun week for The Switch team.  Keith came into town for the annual Comic Card Show in Bloomington, MN, his second appearance in the state this year (with no signs of stopping--more on that later.)  But this time, he came sans crutches so he's not as gimpy as he was previously.  Unfortunately colorist  Robb Miller couldn't join us this time as he was on vacation.

The show went well as usual, and promoter Kevin Denesen (and son Tommy) put together another well-organized show and showed the guests a good time.  Artists Tim Seeley, Frank Fosco, Dave Wheeler, and Bennett Pisek were also on hand to greet the crowd.

Here are some highlight pictures from last weekend:
On the way to lunch after picking Keith up from the airport

Kevin took us to Crayola Experience at the Mall of America where we acted like children and made our own crayons huhu!

So I made original Switch related merch!  :)

I broke my crayon huhu :(

At Comic Card show, unveiling the exclusive new prints that fans got for FREE

Keith and I working away

fans with the print (signed of course)

Artist buddy Tim Seeley (whom I hadn't seen in over a decade) gifts me this awesome Lost Boys book he wrote!  Thanks, Tim!

Me, Frank Fosco, and Keith

Capping off the night at the hotel bar before sleep

Goodbye, pal!
So it looks like Keith will be back in 2018!  He's already signed on for Comic Card again next fall, and I'm trying to get him here again in May for the annual awesome MSP Comic Con at the MN State Fairground!  At least by then we'll finally have the book to sign huhu.  

Finally, here's a Switch-related sketch I did at the show:


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