Saturday, September 9, 2017

One Week From Another Switch Reunion (Comic Card Show w/ Exclusive Print)

...well, mostly.  In one week, Keith will join me at the annual Comic Card show (which will also feature artist friends Tim Seeley and Frank Fosco) in Bloomington, MN at the VFW!  Last year was loads of fun, and I couldn't be more thrilled that Keith will be back in Minnesota (fun, considering he was just here back in May for MSP Comic Con).  Unfortunately, our colorist Robb Miller won't be able to join us as he'll be vacationing in Canada.  Guest cover artist Doug Mahnke may or may not pop in to say hi, but he might join us for dinner.  But the cool part--even though the book is still not quite in our hands yet--is that we'll have another FREE exclusive Switch prints for all fans who stop by our table.  That's right, no strings attached; it's just our appreciation for your support.  What kind of print, you ask?  Well here it is:
The exclusive Comic Card print...and yes, we'll even sign it for you!
So we do hope to see some familiar faces (as well as new faces/friends) at the show next week!  Per Keith's post last week, you can feel free to bitch to us in person about the book being late. :D

Speaking of the Switch creative team--here are a couple non-Switch plugs:
Superman #30 is now out!  Written by Keith and pencils by Doug Mahnke!
CBS's Big Brother just released artwork I did recently of one of their stars, Jessie Godderz ("Mr. Pec-Tacular"). All I'm allowed to say is that you should tune in to Big Brother as we wind down the season! ;)

I'm in Aberdeen, South Dakota today to be a keynote speaker for Fandom Dakota Con!  I'll be speaking/demo-ing at 1 pm at the University Student Center if you catch this reminder quickly enough.  

Enough jabber, here are new sneak peeks at The Switch!
Lover Boy

I just love drawing him!

You can probably guess this is Electricia...

A nice, quiet scene

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